October 17-18, 2014 - Annual IT Conference in Kiev

The largest American company in the Ukrainian IT-market held its annual conference in Kosmopolit Hotel Kiev on October 17-18, 2014. The event was even more interesting and ambitious than the previous year one.

Foreign speakers from America and Europe performed their reports online. Positive and friendly atmosphere, given by the organizers, was supported by about 550 progressive young people gathered from all over Ukraine.

Hands-On-Labs, that mean practical section with master classes, were innovative in the conference program. At the end of the event first day all participants were invited to the traditional afterparty with a favorite programmers dish - pizza.

Adanit-Service Company provided logistical support for the event.

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October 16-17, 2014 - What's new in the diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma?

The 5th anniversary International Scientific-Practical Conference "What's new in the diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma was held in Rus Hotel Kyiv on October 16-17, 2014. The event was traditionally organized by the National Cancer Institute and the NGO "Association for the disabled and patients with chronic lymphoproliferative disorders".

More than 130 participants from all over Ukraine had the opportunity to learn what's new in the diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma during 2 active working days of the conference.

The event program included the participation of European experts who, for objective reasons, had not been able to come to Ukraine. Using modern technology, on-line video translations were organized for speakers from Germany, Italy and Switzerland directly to the conference room.

Adanit-Service Company provided logistical support of the event.

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October 11, 2014 - Petrikivka Center and ethno-village near Dnepropetrovsk

To love your country - is to know it. Show your participants a marvelous world of the Ukrainian painting tradition included to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2013.

We took our guests to the Petrikivka Folk Art Center on October 11, 2014. Let us remind, Petrikivka or Petrikivskiy painting is a Ukrainian decorative and ornamental folk art that emerged in the village Petrikivka, Dnepropetrovsk region.

There is especially interesting for foreigners and children in the center. Everyone may participate in a master class and create ancient folk ornament on the paper with own hands.

According to the event program we also visited the ethno-village nearby, where participants were waited by the horse show and national cuisine. We were greeted due to the ancient Cossack tradition: the guest must drink a glass of vodka from the real Cossack saber.

Weve learned a bit more about our country and once again ensured - its wonderful.

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October 9, 2014 - Cognac Museum in Odessa: exquisite tour

Do you think you know Odessa well? Have you had a chance to visit the unusual Shustov Cognac Winery Museum?

Together with our clients participants we visited a wonderful Cognac Winery Museum in Odessa on October 9, 2014. This exhibition was opened in honor of the 150th anniversary of Shustovs enterprise relatively recently - in December 2013.

Guests were able to listen to a report in the framework of the event, find out interesting stories about the production of this noble drink and about the very enterprising founder of the plant. And, of course, to taste ordinary, vintage, and perhaps even collection cognacs.

Feel free to add this site to your list of "where exquisite and informative entertain adult audiences 18+ in Odessa".  And youll find out from our next news where to take your guests in Dnepropetrovsk.

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October 5-19, 2014 - Against Violence Forum for the Children of War

Their parents are the heroes. Every day they survive. We can empathize with them - thanks to the news, but the rest of Ukrainians is still far from life in Donetsk and Lugansk today. And these kids see, feel and experience everything firsthand.

The Council of Europe Office in Ukraine held a tender for the organization of a 2-week event specifically for such children from the ATO. Our company successfully won it, and despite all the difficulties the Children's Against Violence Forum started at the picturesque mountain base "Tsarynka" in Lviv region on October 5, 2014.
And without too much affectation, we are proud of our work. Our guys have done everything possible to make this project happen. And frankly, we do not know who else from our competitors or partners might decide to do the same and survive - financially, bureaucratically and psychologically. For them. For children, who were sitting on suitcases and waited finally for something good.

Children were torn from their terrible reality for 2 weeks. And put back to childhood - the real and the rainbow one - beautiful mountain forest landscapes, fabulous Carpathian wooden houses, travel ecological trails, walks along the cozy streets of Lviv and excursions on the trams, souvenirs...

The entire program of the forum was exclusively aimed at diverting children from the problems and the manifestation of their creative sides. The result is a series of social videos that can be viewed in the Internet: "Care" - about a child's right to parental attention, "The Road (Bullying)" - about psychological violence, "Internet" - about the dangers of the network for children, "Kitchen" - about the right to a childhood, "Babys dream" - about the right of life choices, as well as video works "TV", "Pictures" and "Eyes" - about the children who survived the war.

On the way back to Kiev children were met by our good friends-bikers - Tarasova Gora Bike Festival organizers. Young participants were pleased with accompaniment on motorcycles through the city, and the wildest were ridden on the iron horse. So much happiness was in childrens eyes!

We sincerely hope that high goal of Children's Forum organizers will resonate in those children's souls passed through the war will that never be as before. And this article will find its readers, who will inspire and would like to organize something similar.

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November 1, 2014 - German Professor of Pediatrics at the OHMADYT seminar

German Professor disregarded all the entreaties and warnings of family and friends not to go to Ukraine. In almost wartime. Nevertheless he arrived to share his valuable experience to Ukrainian children's doctors.

A scientific-practical seminar "Modern aspects of prevention and treatment of fungal infections in pediatric hematology and oncology" was held in President Hotel Kyiv on November 1, 2014. The event was organized by the OHMADYT National Children's Specialized Hospital and also by the Ukrainian Association of Children's Onco-Hematogists and the NGO "Association of assistance to disabled persons and patients with chronic lymphoproliferative disorders".

A scientific novelty attracted the attention of specialists was in the performance of special guest of the event - Thomas Lehrnbecher, Professor of Pediatrics from the Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany. A limited number of participants from all over Ukraine were invited to the workshop selectively, so they listened to charismatic German extremely attentively. There were simultaneous translation and interactive voting systems in the conference room that allowed the audience to communicate and discuss the clinical cases free.

Adanit-Service Company provided organizational and technical support of the event as well as city tour for the honored guest.

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September 19-20, 2014 - Training for librarians to support migrants from Donbass and Crimea

Training for librarians to provide services for immigrants from the Crimea and the Donbass was held on September 19-20, 2014 in the Krakow Park Hotel in Kyiv. The event was organized by Bibliomist program together with the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Government of Canada and the International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES).

As noted by Megan Wolf, Bibliomist program director deputy, during the crisis libraries play a more important role than ever, providing free support and services to those who are facing temporary difficulties.

As a result of the training about 30 librarians from the regional centers of Ukraine have been learned to provide advisory and information services to migrants, as well as being methodological and resource centers for other libraries to work with this target group. Also, trainees were learnt the specification of the participation in the electoral process for such people - how to change the place of voting, what documents are needed for this, and where to apply. Now the library will be able to advise tens of thousands of displaced persons how to vote during the upcoming early parliamentary elections on October 26, 2014

Adanit-Service Company has provided organizational and technical support for the training. More information about the event is on the site of the Bibliomist and the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

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Links the site of the        Bibliomist       Ministry of Culture of Ukraine
September 27, 2014 - Autumn barbecue in the Valley of ostriches

There was a wonderful sunny Saturday on September 27, 2014 in the Valley of ostriches. To be precise - in the Iasnogorodski ostrich farm that half an hour away from Kiev.

So why do you need to look for another reason to gather a large company of colleagues, partners and their families to go out of the city? Toward nature and ostriches!

Actually, one of our good clients has done so. And the guys from Adanit-Service Company have provided a classic barbecue, comfortable bus transfer, photo report and, as usual, the full support of their guests.

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September 18-19, 2014 - VII Endoscopy symposium in Koblevo

VII symposium "Modern diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy" was held 18-19 September 2014 in Koblevo, Mykolaiv region. The event was organized by the Ukrainian Association of Endoscopy supported by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Let us note, participants have come from all regions - even from Luhansk and Donetsk regions being problematic today. And all together have performed the national anthem of Ukraine several times.

Adanit-Service Company has provided organizational and technical support of several pharmaceutical companies involved in the medical exhibition during the symposium.

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September 11, 2014 - Ice Bucket Challenge in Conference service

Adanit-Service Company took part in Ice Bucket Challenge flash mob on September 11, 2014 - the popular now world charity action coming to Ukraine from the USA.

Employees were poured by cold water and, due to adapted Ukrainian version of campaign, transferred money on the needs of army and treatment of the injured participants of the . Also they challenged the partners Style Equiptime, Conference Service Center and MBK Group to do the same now.

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September 5, 2014 - Training with own hands on Trukhanov Island

Adanit-Service Company organized open-air training for the favourite internal client - employees -on Trukhanov Island, Kyiv on September, 5 2014. Find out further how this event for themselves passed.

So it was not training on effective sales or like that at the beginning of autumn season. The companys leader has personally initiated a proactive method to "tear off" colleagues from office chairs and monitors. You may agree, a 35-meter jump from unique parachute tower on the Military Base perfectly switches consciousness of office worker. Almost all command has jumped.

The "rope" course was less extreme, but more teambuilding. The external business-trainers were invited to manage it. Not all tasks were easily passed, but difficulties had to join a collective. There were careful analysis and analysis after every stage. 
In the end guys kindled BBQ, cut sandwiches and could share the impressions already pacifically. It remains only to thank leadership for so productive and unusual Friday.

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August 27-29, 2014 - Training by Council of Europe in Bukovel

The second session of trainers educating took place on August 27-29, 2014 in a Bukovel hotel in Carpathians. It was hold within the framework of Strengthening and protection of rights for children in Ukraine Program organized by Council of Europe. 

Training idea consisted in preparation of specialists on questioning of children that became victims or witnesses of violence, and also accomplished violence. The workers of Ministries of internal affairs and social politics and also different public organizations became the participants of event.

One of basic problems during an interrogation, as specialists marked, - they belong to the children as to the adults. However psychologists assert to use quite another approach to such children. The communication methodologies, world experience, practical aspects and other interesting activities were performed during this educational session. After the active three-day program participants dispersed throughout Ukraine with practical skills of questioning of children that must be returned to the civilized humanistic world view.

Adanit-Service Company has won a tender on realization of this event and did all possible for quality work of participants and trainers at European level.

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August 22, 2014 - First-hand stories to the Independence Day of Ukraine

One of leading companies of pharmaceutical industry conducted an internal event devoted to the Independence Day of Ukraine on Augusts 22, 2014 in its central office in Kyiv. The specially invited fighters of volunteer Donbas Battalion, restored after heavy wounds, told about the cost of independence of our country nowadays.

The real first-hand stories about the unannounced war have affected all guests. By the way, company is proud to render a financial help on the purchase of necessary medications for a battalion. Moreover some employees are volunteers with active civil position even being in a maternity leave.

It is talked Ukrainian patriotism is in fashion now. Maybe, it is just properly. 

Adanit-Service Company has provided technical support of this event.

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July 25, 2014 - Secret of lizard: skin regeneration course

Guests searched the conference hall with traces of a lizard on July, 25 2014 in a Rus hotel in Kyiv, and at the end of event 10 lucky persons got these nice reptiles as a gift. So much emotions and so much happiness were on the faces of participants that now possess exotic home pets!

And all within the framework of presentation and teaching course on the use of the newest Ukrainian preparation on the regeneration of skin - Lacerta - from YURiA-PHARM company. So why lizards? The point is that in translation from lat. Lacerta means "lizard". Such name for preparation was chosen due to unique ability of lizard to restore the lost extremities.

The specialized practical and theoretical course "FTR-methods of treatment of trophic ulcers" was conducted by the medical expert Ponomarenko E., invited from Zaporizhzhya and being the only FTR-methodologies trainer in Ukraine today. Participants, operating surgeons, went down on this innovative masterclass from the different regions of Ukraine.

Its interesting, the injections were conducted to patients in the closed mobile operating-room set directly in a conference hall. And all process was translated on-line through the web-site of organizers. On-line translation was provided by Adanit-Service company, as well as all technical-organizational support of the event.

Organizers are planning to conduct similar teaching courses in other regions of our country. So our nice lizards and photogenic iguana from a photo-area will travel Ukraine yet.

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July 24, 2014 - "Modern library: your bridge!" Library Innovations Fair

The annual, and this year final, Library Innovations Fair "Modern library: bridge your!" passed on July 24, 2014 in NSC "Olimpiyskiy" Kyiv. It is a final event of 5-years activity of the Program "Bibliomist" in Ukraine.

What is "Bibliomist? This is a joint project of The International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and Ukrainian Library Association, financed by "Global libraries" Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 25 million dollars were directed on the Ukrainian libraries. And librarians! An idea consists of free public access of to the computer and internet, and also overcoming of digital inequality. Thus, our libraries have to transform into the modern informative centers, and librarians - into the advanced users of the computer programs and global network.

Lets return to the fair. More than 500 participants gathered together from all Ukraine on this unique and bright event in library science field. Many of them took part earlier in trainings "The Modern librarian". The 8 technically equipped the conference areas have been working at the same time with different sections and master classes. Also rewarding of winners of competitions "SuperLibrarian-2014", "BiblioCinemaFest-3" and on the best librarys poster.

Adanit-Service Company has won a tender on implementation of this fair, it was officially reported about on the organizers web-site. Technical support, scale catering and decorations of halls were rendered.  

Should we glance to our district library - perhaps, something was really changed. And instead of elderly, saturated with a book dust madams, we will be met by active bloggers, skillfully clicking program applications and opening inexhaustible possibilities of the internet.

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July 13, 2014 - Subaru Family Party 2014!

Subaru Family Party 2014 took place on July 13, 2014 at Chayka Autodrome in Kyiv. It was a mega-event for all fans of this Japanese brand. It was succeeded to collect a big Subaru-family, about 3000 persons. When family is on the first place!

The guests of festival were acquainted first personally with new models - Subaru WRX and WRX STI. By the way, there was played off not a car, as usual, but exclusive right on its test-drive. So to say, emotions are in a gift.  

Adanit-Service Company rendered technical support of one of the festival sponsors - ilaya medical center. The idea of participation was offered to inform about a new unique product - Bioinsurance. In fact, understanding of life value is especially important for a driver.

Facebook .

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June 5-8, 2014 - International bike festival "Tarasova Gora - 2014"

A traditional international bike festival "Tarasova Gora - 2014" (Taras Mountain) took place on June, 5-8 2014 in Cherkasys region - motherland of famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko.  This year the event was devoted to the 200year of this historical celebrity: a slogan was "Taras - 200, to us - 12".

The main question for organizers was to hold the event this year or not. It was a real difficult decision considering the present political complications in Ukraine. But finally the organizational committee of the festival had made the right decision. More than 7 000 participants supported the event from all-over Ukraine and neighbors countries, even from Russia.   

Adanit-Service Company is thankful to the owners of bike festival for a given possibility to help in organization and implementation of such meaningful for Ukraine event. As nobody other we know how the organization of such scale event is difficult and labour intensive. And we are always ready to support Tarasova Gora - a bike festival.

June 8, 2014 - Family Fashion Picnic in a restaurant "Prague"

A Family Fashion Picnic took place on June 8, 2014 in a restaurant "Prague" Kyiv for children and their well-known parents.

This Family Fashion Picnic was carried from June 1, International Day of Childrens Defence due to a bad weather. But that sunny day all masterclasses, painting exhibition, child's performances and other entertainments passed noisily and merrily.

Adanit-Service Company provided technical support of one of the event sponsors - ilaya medical center, that presented the Visia innovative device.

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June 15, 2014 -  EBA Summer Fun Fest - 15 years together!

European Business of Association (EBA) celebrated its 15 years activity in Ukraine as a Summer Fun Fest on June 15, 2014 in the Puscha Congress Hotel, Kiev. Adanit-Service Company supported the event as a partner.

Taking into account mourning on tragic events on East of Ukraine, the program of event was adjusted and conducted without music.

Playing and masterclasses on the green lawns of the hotel were organized for the adults and their kids. It was interesting and exciting. Competitions on table football, TEAM 2.0 command game, velomobiles, trampoline, archery, darts, table tennis, overtightening of rope, badminton, frisbee, robotics, games with Lego took place that day... Also there were interactive games, oxygen cocktails and amusing masterclasses on soft toys making, photo-zone, aqua-makeup etc during the event. You can find more photos on EBA Facebook page.

Agree, it is so important to conduct a weekend together with your family, and at the same time to communicate friendly into business-environment. Its great, when the organizers of events take this fact into account.

" "  (EBA Golf & Leisure Evening)

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May 31, 2014 - Country Wedding banquet outdoor

A summer came - lets serve away of stuffy halls of cafes and restaurants! Lets meet guests on unusual summer sites.

Our catering department of organized a wedding banquet in country style of on May 31, 2014. There was a very unusual site - an unfinished hangar in the Osokorky suburban array, Kyiv.

Look a brief photo report how it was. We notice, photos with guests and covered table are not shown at the instance of youth.

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May 28, 2014 - EBA Golf & Leisure Evening

Golf & Leisure Evening was organized from European Business Association (EBA) on May 28, 2014 in Golf Center Kyiv. This was a refined evening of rest, entertainments and informal communication for representatives of European business community in Ukraine. Adanit-Service Company supported the event as a partner.

Golf is gradually rooted into Ukrainian business environment. Although the world golf level is much more serious. Just imagine, on statistics, every tenth multimillion transaction is concluded exactly on the golf field. Also the 1 million dollars must be brought in for entering into Singaporean golf club, and its only 90 thousand dollars for New Yorks one. And there approximately 40% of people entering into these clubs are not able to play. They visit games to endorse their image as solvent and successful businessmen. They meet with influential politicians and other important people on matches.

Also statistics asserts, 17% of sales managers intentionally lose to their clients in golf games. Why so? To retain a client.

Thats turns out, if youre not very well in golf or dont play at all - just hurry up to appoint a meeting on golf field!

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20.05.2014 - Bankers Day in Lviv: culinary MasterShef

On May 20, 2014 one commercial bank gathered its staff on the Day of bank employees in the Vdenska kav'yarnya restaurant in Lviv. So a MasterShef master class on Italian cuisine was organized as a good tradition.

Participants were divided into five teams that competed under the direction of culinary chefs and moderator specially invited from Kiev. They prepared Italian salads and bruschetta (snacks).

MasterShef is a master class "turnkey" adapted by us as a delicate variation of your business event. Also catering, chef, appliances, moderator, gifts, photography, etc. are provided by Adanit-Service Company.

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May 19-20, 2014 - Exhibition: survival rule for the exhibitor

Exhibition is a selling, advertising, marketing, image, networking and PR in 1 bottle for you. Who does not need commercial and emotional communications, that does not participate in exhibitions. What is important for each exhibiting companies first of all?
Stand out. With sound, light, color, interactive devices, games, installations, involving etc. Why so? To attract visitors who are pretty spoiled nowadays.

For example, traditional annual spring conference "Pharmacotherapy and surgical treatments in otolaryngology" was held Poltava during May 19-20, 2014. As usual an exhibition of medicines, medical equipment and facilities was organized at the conference.

Adanit-Service Company has provided technical and organizational support to some pharmaceutical companies, in particular their exhibition stands. There were presentation equipment, interactive plasma with questions and answers on drugs, plasma quiz with remote voting, non-stop coffee, fresh orange juice, branded goodies etc. All these nice things on the exhibition  make life better at the whole conference!

To our mind there are always more interested participants by the stands of our clients. Survive in the exhibition - it is not just a piece of cake!
How did it happen? One of the top-managers offered employees to support the national idea and, if possible, to wear vyshyvanka. What a surprise was when almost the whole office had come in embroidered shirts on the appointed day. Mostly all! Vyshyvankas competition determined the winners, performed history and regional identity of its shirts the most interestingly and emotionally.

Patriotism of colleagues has really affected the organizers. Pride and pain for their country recently fill and the "white collars", spent most of their life in the offices. Nevertheless, as we can see, it doesnt interfere to support national holidays actively. By the way, the photo-banner "One country" (in Russian and Ukrainian) attracted the participants even more than delicious treats on the tables. Organizers consider even to leave it in the office permanently.

Adanit-Service Company has provided technical and culinary support for this event. Note, preparation had been held almost per night - the organizers decided very spontaneously.
May 16, 2014 - Vyshyvankas Day at the office: for the united country

On May 16, 2014 by the Vyshyvankas Day one of the leaders of the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine held a Parade of vyshyvanky at its central office. What has inspired foreign shareholders for such ethnic event?

To merge regions: increase cohesion of regional managers for a United country - that's important for large businesses today. That values ??its corporate culture and spirit.
, .
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